A home away from home

A home away from home

Imagine a place of utmost comfort. The cool air courtesy of shady trees. The sounds of birds and the rattling of squirrels. Imagine an environment that denotes a much-deserved vacation; and that too during the most defining juncture of your life. Imagine a sort of care that ensures maximum safety on par with international standards, while you await the most precious addition in your lives.

Do you remember the birthing haven in the heart of Colombo that boasts of all above?

Now, Joseph Fraser Hospital claims for enhanced comfort, care and safety with upgraded hospital services and facilities. The newly refurbished Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital by Melsta Health offers the following additions for an unbelievable price.

Rooms from standard to Presidential suites on par with star class recreation.  

Modern operation theatres, Adult ICU facility, Neonatal ICU (NICU), Beautifully done consultation rooms for consultants, Pharmacy, 24 hours State of the art laboratory by Melsta Labs, 24 hours food and beverage services on par with hotel standards, 24 hours blood facility, 24 hours qualified full time medical officers, 24 hours qualified nursing staff.

Feel at home with Fraser care by Melsta heath at Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital when u seek medical assistance.

Joseph Fraser

Tucked away in the heart of Colombo’s most exclusive, plush neighborhood, on a sprawling 31/2-acre land, is the Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital (JFMH) with its lush, landscaped gardens, an open-air café on a perfectly manicured lawn with tree houses. Nature and a pure environment abound within the hospital’s secluded premises, the largest land area in a city hospital, creating a natural sanctuary for migratory and endemic birds and butterflies to make it their home. Patients enter a hospital out of compulsion, apprehensively, yearning to leave as soon as they can. Yet JFMH to the contrary, promises a surprisingly welcoming experience in hospitality and comfort in a hospital, transforming patients’ mindsets from a stressful unease to a holiday mode with the hospital’s unique identity - the ambience of a boutique hotel. Welcome to Joseph Fraser, the haven for woman and child.

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