Content Writing for Seniors’ Villa

Content Writing for Seniors’ Villa

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Client: Seniors' Villa/ City Villa
Date: November 2016
Location: BTL, Social Media, Web

Respect, Responsiveness, Compassion & Individuality.

Elders have rusted vision, tardy mobility and decrepit motor skills. This could all be true with one important addition. They also have beautifully sensitive minds. Minds that have been alive throughout; just as young as their hearts, despite their betraying physique. Imagine trying to focus while having a pair of high density spectacles that could mimic glaucoma or cataract over your eyes or trying to button your shirt while wearing artificially inflated hand gloves to simulate arthritis or using nothing but a pair of charcoaled stiff limbs to imitate years of treating Diabetes; just for fifteen minutes. Imagine the helpless frustration you will feel during that short time.

Aging is not a disease.

It’s a phase of life that only the bravest of the brave can come to terms with. With an active mind and a failing body, elders fight an inward battle that only her peer can understand.

Seniors’ Villa was founded by a young, compassionate professional with a keen interest in providing exemplary care and attention to elders with active and sensitive minds. Set apart from the run off the mill elder’s home, with its caring founding values, and its deep spiritual understanding of the treatment of elders, Seniors’ Villa offers not only physical but also psychological wellbeing to all residents.

Seniors Villa is built on four important pillars. Respect, Responsiveness, Compassion and Individuality.  All residents will be treated with respect. Caregivers will lovingly respond to their needs. Compassion will remain as the most dominant value while each resident’s individuality will be preserved.

With the small family sized bungalow set in a quiet residential locale and its extensive and secured gardens, the facility is a promise of peace of mind, soothing ambience and serenity.

Seniors’ Villa gives priority in listening to the needs of its inmates: Recreational activities for female and male residents with the openness to accommodate timely and requested requirements bear an important role. From regular visits to the Villa by physicians and medical doctors and assisted visits by residents to religious places of worship to baking cakes and gardening, Seniors’ Villa offers an exciting and active lifestyle to those descerning ladies and gentlemen of a bygone golden era.

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