Web Content Writing for CAN SUR VIVE Sri Lanka

Web Content Writing for CAN SUR VIVE Sri Lanka

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A significant number of breast cancer survivors and patients living in rural Sri Lanka are being side-lined when it comes to follow up screening such as mammography, due to financial constraints and the social stigma attached to ‘cancer’.

These women often find it difficult to even purchase a wig to cover hair loss during and immediately after following chemotherapy, not necessarily as a fashion requirement but mostly as a positive pshychological reinforcement to combat depression following cancer diagnosis.

CAN SUR VIVE Trust is a non-profit organisation formulated for the sole benefit of breast cancer survivors mainly in the rural parts of the country and elsewhere. We aim to build a strong community of supporters so that the ladies who undergo the life changing experience of being a breast cancer patient in one stage of their life, can continue to lead a normal and an uplifting existence during and beyond their ordeal.

The Trustees of  CAN SUR VIVE are popular Sri Lankan Consultant Medical Practitioners, motivational gurus, professionals in various industries and successful entrepreneurs. The regular resource personnel are professional artists, popular social icons and strong social activists.

We aim to use your generous donations to reach out to breast cancer patients and survivors in the rural parts of Sri Lanka. We aim to use your donations to source professionals to heal breast cancer survivors physically and physiologically. We aim to use your donations to help these survivors live a normal life through education, engagement and self- employment. We aim to use your donations to construct a Centre a dedicated location so that the ladies can regularly meet up and continue activity through an ongoing support group.

We need to reach out to these resilient women and educate them that it’s not the end of the world. And that breast cancer can be cured if detected early and treated well. We want to break the social stigma revolving around cancer and give these ladies a new lease of life as survivors and patients.

If you have the golden heart to donate funds to build  CAN SUR VIVE stronger, and/or if you would like to do this in the name of a loved one you would want to remember, we invite you to get in touch with us on  0713 161616

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